Finding the Lore with J.R. Boles

I love to celebrate when my friends publish new works! My dear friend J.R. Boles has just released the latest installment of her Bringer Series trilogy titled, Bringer of Lore and I hope that if you love epic fantasy, you’ll take a look at this book and the series as a whole.

IMG_8355J.R. is a fantasy writer whom I met in college. We both were creative writing majors and took a number of classes together. Over the years, we have bonded over our love of the written word and many other things. I am also lucky enough to be the godmother of her youngest daughter.

Having a close connection to a writer is such a cool experience, especially when you can spend time discussing your respective projects with one another. I have had the privilege of talking through details of J.R.’s Bringer Series and even get to make edits to help J.R. as she weaves her fantastic tales. I have watched her characters and their stories grow and change over the span of her writing. It’s an experience that cannot be replicated and when I sit down and read it, I can see a new layer to who she is as a person.

The Bringer Series has its roots in a dream. All J.R. Boles recalled of the dream was a single moment. There was a great and desperate battle and those on the side of good were losing. A warrior woman held aloft a sword and from that sword emitted a beacon of light which defeated their enemies. From that moment, Lynden Trenadin and The Bringer Series was born. You can read this epic scene in Book One of the series titled Bringer of Light.

The second installment of this series reveals the second leg of Lynden Trenadin’s quest to find a sacred book to help her defeat the evil mage Mercer and his student Jazmin. This story involves a fair amount of politicking which is fantastically done thanks to J.R.’s experience working in the political scene earlier in her career. I love the strong female characters and the great friendships they forge on their travels. Add in some beautiful imagery and J.R.’s great imagination and you have yourself an adventure of epic proportions.

Here is the jacket copy:

Having liberated her kingdom from the influence of the Dark Mage, Mercer, Lynden chases down her torturer. Forced to enter a foreign court as a noblewoman of Arten, Lynden battles intrigue and politics to discover Jazmin’s intended target. Culminating in a deathly trial set by the mad prophet, Lynden must keep her friends alive and reach a book meant only for her. But time is running out.

I hope you will take the time to check out J.R. Boles. And of course, the greatest gift you can give to an author if you like her book is to review it! So, if you enjoy your trip to Arten, please tell the world!

Click here to purchase the paperback edition of Bringer of Lore.

Ebook will be available next week.

P.S. I am always open to reading/reviewing/promoting books. If you have something you’d like for me to read, let me know!