About NightWind

The story of NightWind is the result of a reiki session I had with a very talented friend. It was almost like a dream. The image of a woman with huge wings hovered in a sky filled with storm clouds tinted pink, lavender and gray simply popped into my head and the word NightWind written in bold letters hovered nearby. I have rarely known the title of a story before I begin writing it, much less have a vision for the cover! This story has been a huge project and I can’t wait to share it with you. Pre-order coming soon!

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Unity. Bravery. Flight!

When Rina takes the leap of faith off of Mt. Yama, securing her place among the Aviators, she enters a complex world of loyalties. To regent. To her brothers-in-arms. And to the commander who once held her heart.

A new regent throws allegiances into chaos, leaving Rina at odds with her commander and in the arms of another man. When her lover, a powerful Mystic, is kidnapped, Rina must make a choice: remain true to the brotherhood she’s worked so hard to become a part of, or follow her heart across the continent to rescue the man who gave her the gift of flight.

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