Sara Kincaid was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She grew up loving to read and write and spent a lot of her childhood dreaming up stories and imagining new worlds. She began writing her own stories in first grade using her toddler-age cousins as the stars. She wrote her first novel-length work during her junior year of high school.

Sara chose to continue studying the craft of writing and majored in creative writing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. A master’s degree in literature soon followed. During that time, Sara focused her studies on Gothic literature, a genre that consistently inspires her own work.

Sara’s writing is characterized by beautiful words and images and her work has often been described as poetic. She loves crafting sentences and focuses not only on the definition of a word when she writes, but on the cadence and feel of a word down to the letters that comprise it.

Today, Sara reads stories from every category and follows her own characters into new worlds, genres and experiences. Her writing spans literary fiction, historical fiction—with a thread of magical realism—and fantasy/speculative fiction.

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The Green Lady

Enter the world of 1890s Baltimore and walk the path of John Remington Edgar—lawyer and enthusiastic imbiber of absinthe—as he unravels the mystery behind the murder of Joseph Byron Lewis Jr., the son of his best client and the mortal enemy of his beloved. Read More

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work in progress

Withered World

Even a dead earth can harbor new growth… Descend into the hot, desiccated earth where all efforts to save the planet from humanity’s destruction have failed. Meet Bram, the father of a new species of humans called Curare who bear special abilities that allow them to manipulate the elements. Then follow the path of Vea, as she journeys to free her brethren.

work in progress


A story about a winged warrior named Rion.


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