Sara Kincaid was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She grew up loving to read and write and spent a lot of her childhood dreaming up stories and imagining new worlds. She wrote her first novel-length work during her junior year of high school. Sara chose to continue studying the craft of writing and majored in creative writing and then pursued a master’s degree in literature.

As a professional writer, Sara specializes in storytelling. She currently works for a local nonprofit and shares the stories of people supported by the organization, as well as the donors who make that work possible.

In her spare time, Sara reads stories from every category and follows her own characters into new worlds, genres and experiences. Her writing spans literary fiction, historical fiction—with a thread of magical realism—and fantasy/speculative fiction.

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Rina finds herself torn between a brotherhood she did not choose and a man she did not see coming. When Eli is kidnapped, she must make a choice: remain true to her fellow soldiers or follow her heart and embark on a daring rescue. Read more

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Withered World

A people desperate for salvation. A girl on the run with the power to save them all. Can a boy with a secret past help her embrace her mystical gift? Read more

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The Green Lady

1890s Baltimore – Walk the path of John Remington Edgar—lawyer and enthusiastic imbiber of absinthe—as he unravels the mystery behind the murder of Joseph Byron Lewis Jr., the son of his best client and the mortal enemy of his beloved. Read More

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