About Withered World

Withered World is a crossroads. It is a little bit Dystopian and a little bit Fantasy – and Vea, the heroine of the story, has been living in my head since high school. Back then, blood mages were a popular character in Fantasy novels and she was my response to that. Her powers are based in destruction, but she is not a villain. Finally, a couple of years ago, I got the inkling of her story. I had anticipated a traditional epic Fantasy, but got this instead. I have to say though, I’m pleased with the result and I hope that you will be too!

No feast. Just famine…

The Curare are the sole hope for healing a damaged earth. Enslaved for the same rare elemental powers that will eventually kill them, they are forced to leave everything they love behind to undo the destruction wrought by humanity.

When soldiers descend on South Farm, Vea Algana, a Curare unlike any other, is flushed out of hiding. Accompanied by the mysterious farmhand Leo, she is exposed to the real world for the first time. Out in the desiccated fields of No Man’s Land, Vea must make a choice: go back into hiding once more or trust in Leo’s plan and face her enemy.