About The Green Lady

The Green Lady is the culmination of two years of writing and rewriting and is an homage to my graduate level studies of Gothic literature and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. This little novel originated as a short story titled “The Beveled Glass.” I had the idea of turning it into a novel and expanding the tale about John Edgar, the bumbling lawyer addicted to absinthe who witnesses a murder and tries to prove that he didn’t commit it, and this is what came out of that tiny aspiration. I hope you enjoy my take on the mystery story and this genre.

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…

They had warned him. Absinthe did not come with a disclaimer, a caution to be inferred between the lines and the delicate wings of La Fee Verte, the Green Fairy, who gives absolution but wants your soul in return.

From the first sip of seduction, the first saccharine slide down into gritty sweetness, there was no hope of release, no expectation of escape. Blind and willing, he went forth…

Estate lawyer John Remington Edgar had lived a cautious life, a life plagued by disappointment until a chance encounter with Joseph Lewis Sr. leaves him managing the estate of the wealthiest and most influential man in town.

Suddenly all of Baltimore is at his fingertips, and he finds himself with an exclusive membership to the illustrious Harbor Club. There John discovers his first love, the green fairy, deep in the dregs of absinthe, the drink with the ethereal glow that blinds him to the dangers of a courtship with blemished socialite Eleanor Westfall, a woman spurned by society and hell-bent on revenge against the son of John’s best client.

After witnessing the murder of his most important client’s son, John finds himself listed as the prime suspect. He takes matters into his own hands to preserve his good name, prove his innocence and unravel the mystery.

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