A Few Little Poems by an Amateur Poet

imagesSometimes when I play with poetry, I like to play with poetic cliches and try to make them into symbols of something new. They usually are built around an intriguing line that pops into my head. I’ve highlighted that line in each of the poems.

Not sure how successful I am with these, but they’re a fun sort of brain teaser for me.

Falling in Love
As the stars fall across your eyes,
half-whispered truths
open your soul
like kisses in the dark.

Blinding to fear,
numbing to doubt,
through thick brume,
Eros’ swift essence streaks.

Unrequited Love
Waves crash and I think of unrequited love
flush with the tides,
ebbing with despair,
but never fading.
For too long have I been at high tide,
held fast by the moon, by time, by tears.

Unrequited love,
an agonizing circle,
enduring, yet futile.

What Might Have Been
Snowflakes rain down
twirling angry pirouettes,
nestling on treetops,
muting pain,
muting sorrow,
numbing everything.

Like frozen tear drops
they scald my bitter heart
as I think about what might have been.

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