Seaside Musings

A nearly full moon over the ocean.  Photo taken by me.
Nearly full moon over the ocean. Photo by me.

I’ve spent the past week at the beach with family. And, while I have been on vacation, I have not encountered sufficient quiet time for writing. There’s a lot of us here and we’re constantly on the go!

So, this week, I have some small, half-formed reflections of beachy, moonlight imagery for your enjoyment (or critique). These are all simply phrases, perhaps even stanzas in some cases. But unfortunately, not complete poems.

If you know me personally and well, you know that I used to write lots of poetry inspired by the moon and the stars. Of course, it’s rather cliché (and why I simply refer to myself as an amateur poet), but these are two symbols which I have readily adapted towards the singular mood that I want to revel in at a particular writing moment. Lately, I find the same thing happening with the ocean.

These small vignettes may end up as poems in the future or they may wind their way into a story. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them in their current state of random disarray.

All is still except the water,
it churns like my beating heart,
a storm beneath the surface,
craving life, craving you.

The sea is my jealousy made manifest
and in clouded grief we swirl.
Bitter paramours of things denied,
in bonded solitude we curl.

Does the world remember me
as the moon recalls the stars?
In bitter struggle I fell from thee,
landing in the sea afar.

My empty heart and
my empty bed
echoed in the sky
as one-by-one
the stars go out,
the faithful moon belied.

The ocean is a fickle lover
with cool caressing lips
and ever-changing tides.
At once a gentle mother
and then, a jilted fiend.

The Lighthouse

Staring out into the sea
it waits…I wait, fore’re and endlessly.
Through the nettle stings of salt
and the slapping of the waves,
unerring, unerringly
waiting on the sea.

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