I <3 Fake Corporate Twitter Accounts

Photo Credit: technorati.com
Photo Credit: technorati.com

I really like the trend of fake corporate social media accounts. Corporate America takes itself way too seriously and the fake accounts are a great opportunity to poke some good-natured fun at those who seem to run the universe. Also, it’s completely hilarious. If I were to participate in the fake corporate Twitter account trend, this is what it would look like.

The Limited
Mimicry is the finest form of flattery, right? I love their clothes. But this is what I would do if I controlled a fake twitter account for The Limited:

Twitter Handle: UnLimited
Tag line: Because Tweeps need clothes, yo.

Keep your pants up. We have #Belts
Buy black on #BlackFriday
Spend like there’s no tomorrow. It’s #BlackFriday
Happy Monday! What are YOU wearing today? #UnLimited
Totes Magoats for #Tweeps
Baby it’s cold outside…  Buy a #Coat #UnLimited
#JoanRivers says…Don’t wear knock-offs. #UnLimited
Giiiiiirl you make that look good #UnLimited
#StyleTipOfTheDay always wear #Underpants
Who are you wearing? #UnLimited
#StyleTipOfTheDay White after labor day? Yes please! #WinterWhite
#dressforsucceas even if you can’t spell!
#StyleTipOfTheDay Watch your hemlines!

Ann Taylor
I also had to give some love to one of my other favorite stores.

Twitter Handle: Ann, TaylorMade
Tag Line: For Tweeps with #Style

Dress to the 9s and meet in the lobby @ midnight #FashionFlashMob
Classically chic and oh so fab! #AnnTaylorMade
Annie’s got a gun…a price-check gun, that is. #AnnTaylorMade
Climbing the corporate ladder is easy in a great pair of #heels

Roku is great because I can watch a show whenever I want (provided they have a contract with the proper network) and I get to say “f$*# you” to cable and satellite companies! If you aren’t familiar with Roku, I urge you to google it ASAP and buy your own and flip the bird to the cable and satellite companies.

Twitter Handle: Rok_U
Tag Line: Bye-Bye #Cable

Watch Roku. Kill cable #Rok_U
We hate cable #Rok_U
Cheaper than basic cable #Rok_U
Screwing cable and satellite companies since 2002 #Rok_U
We will, we will #Rok_U

Jack Stack BBQ
If you ever visit Kansas City, this is a must-have stop on your food tour. KC is known for BBQ, so you can’t miss out on this quintessential Midwestern staple. Here is how I would handle their fake twitter account.

Twitter Handle: JackStacked
Tag Line: Get sauced.

To sauce or not to sauce, that is the question #jackstacked
Get sauced #jackstacked
Say hello to our little friends: B, B and Q #jackstacked
The South ain’t got nothing on us! #jackstacked
Hey KC, master this! #jackstacked

If you ran a fake corporate Twitter account? Who’s account would it be and what would you say?

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