Kansas City’s Newest Author, J.R. Boles, Will Delight Fantasy Readers All Around

bringer-of-lightToday I would like to introduce you to a fantastic new, local author, J.R. Boles. Her book, published by iUniverse, was just released on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, iUniverse and will be carried here in KC at some local book stores. Her novel, Bringer of Light, is the first in what will become a trilogy about a noble warrior, a Queen’s Champion in the castle army, Lynden Trenadin. She is a loyal and a fierce warrior who faces unanticipated circumstances and must find the strength within herself to both face and overcome them.

J.R.’s expertise in the area of Fantasy is unparalleled. She has read across the breadth of the genre and is deeply familiar with its nuances and is thus well-equipped to write within it herself. Bringer of Light is a great example of your classic epic fantasy story without being stuffy and stereotypical. You have battles, heartache, journeys across the land and a horde of interesting characters to boot. If you love Fantasy, as J.R. and I both do, then you will certainly enjoy this new story!

I am deeply familiar with the story of Lynden because I witnessed the development of J.R.’s novel over the course of many years. I am privileged to say that J.R. is my very dear friend and writing partner. I got to watch as this novel developed and was prepped for publication. I even had a hand in editing the manuscript and conversing with J.R. as we talked through issues she was facing during the revising process and I am very proud to say that.

J.R. Boles
J.R. Boles

As an aspiring writer myself, being a part of the process of another writer is a really awesome experience. I got to give input about the cover art and I helped edit and draft the cover copy. I thought I knew a lot about the publishing process having studied at NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute and having worked on the outskirts of publishing at a few points in my career. But, this perspective was a new view and it was all the better because it involved my writing buddy.

J.R. Boles is a voracious writer and reader. I am jealous of her dedication to her craft and I know for a fact that she has at least 2 other novels in the works because I’ve read and edited the first drafts. Expect lots more Fantasy forthcoming from J.R. Boles. Her stories are filled with great characters—particularly strong women—and intriguing plot twists. You will find yourself lost in the realms she creates.

Here is the back of book copy so you can learn more about this great book:

For generations, the kingdom of Arten has stood alone against the ancient dark mage Mercer, a man no longer bound by time. But when King Wern is kidnapped, Queen Arin will risk everything to get him back.

Lynden Trenadin is chosen to join the ranks of the elite Queen’s Champions both for her prowess as a warrior and her remarkable resemblance to the queen. She has spent her life battling at Arten’s borders, but now she must defend the queen with her life as they journey to their enemy’s castle. When the tide of battle goes against them, Lynden unleashes a magical power she didn’t know she possessed. Even though she saved hundreds of warriors, Lynden is forced to flee in shame for her use of forbidden magic.

Now on the run, Lynden must raise a rebellion to free her country from the tyranny of the enemy she thought she’d destroyed. A band of loyalists and an enclave of ancient mages aid her in her efforts, but with a dark mage bent on her destruction, Lynden must discover a way to harness her new magic before it is too late.