Gothic Literature At Large – October 2015

I had to sneak another edition of Gothic Literature at Large in this season because, well, it’s timely! I can’t believe it’s already October. This has been such a fast year. I wouldn’t mind so much except I am loathe to deal with the looming winter ahead. But, the leaves are already changing and we’re headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so there’s little I can do about it. At least I get to eat pumpkin-y things all month long!

Here’s what’s happening the world of the Gothic in this installment of Gothic Literature at Large! As always, if you have/see an event/article/show/movie that would fit with this blog, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list for my next installment!

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Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas Jefferson score touchdowns

This isn’t a case of reincarnation…at least I don’t think it is. But apparently there is a young man and football player at West Point. And he caught a touchdown last month. Being in a relationship with a man who shares a name with a famous person (albeit the name twin of my boyfriend is actually still alive and kicking), has got to be a tough gig..especially if you attend the same university as said individual who was kicked out. Anyway, this tickled my fancy 🙂

7 strange author deaths that could be straight out of a novel

I don’t think you can get much more Gothic than reminiscing about the strange ways authors have died. People in this list include Percy Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Sherwood Anderson and more.


The Fall by Bethany Griffin

I think I found a new book to add to my “To Read” list. Supposedly, The Fall is inspired by ‘The Fall of the House of Usher.” I don’t think there’s much more to say about it. But if you want to read the review of this book, click the link in the title.

Stephen King: The Top 10 Pure Horror Novels

If you’re looking for a more modern read to get you into the spirit of the season and you love Stephen King, this is the list for you! Stephen King is a hugely prolific writer and while I love Gothic, his stuff is typically too freaky for me! 🙂


A few words with Edgar Allan Poe, Sunday in Providence

If you happen to hale from Providence, RI, then you could have seen this cool event yesterday. Poe is absolutely everywhere!

Gothic day out for St. John’s Leatherhead students

Ok this is just a teeny article about a field trip taken by some high school students. BUT they went to Strawberry Hill House, the home of Horace Walpole and the man who wrote the first Gothic novel in English. He actually designed this house to be a Gothic mansion. I love that a school took their students to this place. I wish I could have gone on the field trip too!

The Mesmeric Revelations of Edgar Allan Poe

Beginning Oct 9, you can entertain yourself with an immersive theater experience with Edgar Allan Poe! This event, hosted by the Maryland Historical Society sounds awesome! Wish I was going to be in Baltimore for this one.

Jawnts: Gatherings to spotlight Poe

Philadelphia is another city that stakes a claim on Mr. Poe. They too are hosting a number of events this month. Click the link above and check them out!


Watch Edgar Allan Poe’s Classics Come to the Big Screen in ‘Extraordinary Tales’ Trailer

Somehow, we get to see five of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous tales retold in a film. And it’s animated! The trailer is interesting, particularly because the stories appear to be told with different styles of animation or drawing. They also use famous voices, even including people who have passed away like Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee! I don’t know if this is showing in theaters in Kansas City, but if so, I hope to be there to see it!

The 12 best movies to watch in theaters this month

Ok these aren’t all Gothic. But one absolutely is. Even though the others don’t necessarily fit the bill, everyone knows that films released in October or shown on TV typically up the ante on the fear factor.

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