Chasing Inspiration

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. A song playing in the background. A phrase someone says. A photograph. A story you read. Pretty much everything around us is fair game for writing inspiration and fodder. And while you have to read to be able to write and you must experience the world to write about it or to create your own, one thing I have always dreamed of having is my very own writing room.

A writing room is way more than an office. It is a creative sanctuary wherein only I enter to write and am surrounded by beautiful things that inspire my imagination. This mythical room has picture windows with beautiful views of the outdoors. It has a chaise lounge and a large desk with a two-screen setup for my writing. The chair is comfortable and inviting, not the cheap chair I got for free from my old boss a few yeas ago. Don’t get me wrong. It was a nice gesture and very helpful. It’s just not a really comfortable chair 🙂 On the walls are pictures and framed quotations, my favorite liens memorialized on my walls. And, of course, there are lots and lots of books.

This is not a cluttered space. It is more or less tidy. It can be small. That’s fine. As long as there are windows. There are great images and articles that pop up on Pinterest if you search for writing and rooms.

Writing is such a fickle art. Some days I love what I write. Other days I’m embarrassed and wonder how I can even call myself a writer at all. It’s also an art that I can perform at the level I expect from myself only sparingly.

Writing a novel takes so damn long. I have friends who are artists in other mediums and they seem so prolific in comparison. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems to me that, even though language is the basis of communication, we writers have chosen the most difficult medium to express ourselves. I’m sure if I spoke to a painter or a ceramicists, they’d say the same things about their own art. Stories never feel like they are finished. I always find something new that is wrong. I suppose at some point, we just have to decide that it is finished. But dang that’s hard…

All artists strive to create an environment in which they thrive. Whether it is a room/study/studio or a pre-game routine like that which an athlete performs to get him or herself in the zone for competition, inspiration, motivation and focus are all things that we as artists crave. The world around us is really good at getting in the way, getting in our heads and pushing us out of the mood we need to find our muse.

And this is why I crave a writing room. I want a place that its only purpose is for writing. Nothing bad happens in that room. No one goes into that room to disturb the aura except for me. Maybe some day… Here’s a fun article from HuffPo about Famous Writers’ Retreats. Also, here’s an article about creating a better writing space.

This is my must-have writing implement...
This is my must-have writing implement…

But until that happens, I have to find other ways to snap myself into the zone because my desire to create cannot wait until the day I can afford to have my very own space or to stay home and no longer have to share my writing stamina with a full-time job. Therefore, I have things on the walls in my shared office that inspire me, that invoke feelings of beauty. Sometimes I listen to music before I write. At work, I have photos of family and friends, of my boyfriend and his little boy. I have magnetic poetry on a metal shelf that sometimes I play with when I need a five-minute break. At home, I have a very specific pen that I use..a Uni-Ball pen with blue ink. It’s a must for me. They write so smoothly. My cousins have noticed that every time I send them cards, I always use the same pens. They think it’s funny. But, I’m telling you, nothing beats those pens! I need to buy more as I’m almost out, by the way.

What sort of space would you create for writing if you had the means? What items do you have around you that help inspire your work?