Creating a Writing Space

Adding to all the changes I’ve been making in my life, I’ll also be moving. I just signed a lease for a new place last night and will get to move in this summer! The place is a great location for me and it has a yard for my pup, Lilah.

Miss Lilah

The great thing about finding a new place, is that I will have the opportunity to design my writing room. Having a writing room (which is SOOOO much more than just an office), has always been a dream of mine. I always imagine a sanctuary filled with inspiration where I can go and create beautiful words.

A writing space is useful in many ways. When you enter a space you have designated for writing and nothing else, you teach yourself that you must be in that writing mindset when you enter that room. This is helpful to me as a writer, especially given all of the noise in the world around us. It’s a quiet space and, most importantly it’s a space dedicated to my craft.

For colors, I like a muted gray/purplish/blue sort of hue. I find that color calming and attractive. It makes me think of the ocean somewhat and a stormy, blustery day and it puts me in a day-dreamy mood.

Here are the things I’m dreaming about putting in my writing room:
Photo Credits: Please note, the following images came from Pinterest searches and some from Wayfair. I did my best to hyperlink everything so you can see where they come from.

  1. A great desk. It all begins with the desk. I need enough room for my computer and notebooks. But I also need something that will inspire me.

  2. Chaise Lounge Chair. I’ve always wanted a chaise lounge chair. They are romantic and very old-world to me. I imagine lounging on it reading, editing, or just thinking about whatever project I’m currently working on.

    chaise lounge
  3. Vintage Chandelier.

  4. A fabulous bookshelf. I love how this looks tree-like 🙂

    book shelves
  5. A Lamp. I love this terrarium lamp! Such a fun idea and it would bring some needed green space into my writing world.

    Pinterest –
  6. Lace Curtains. A romantic feel will really help my mind still and focus.

    Pinterest – Country Curtains
  7. Floor cushions. This wasn’t in the original plan. These cushions have a real nature-like feel to flowers or clam shells.

    floor cushions
    Pinterest- Decoist
  8. Rug. Something soft on the eyes as well as to the touch.

    Pinterest – Aubrey Kinch

If you were going to create a space for your writing or another craft, what would you put in it? Please share!