My Professional Hat

This week, you can learn a little bit more about my professional career over on Dear English Major! If you’re so inclined, please go check it out and give them a like!

Dear English Major is a great site for students, or recent graduates, in the English, writing and literature fields who are searching for their next steps after graduation. The site administrators have compiled a ton of resources and do interviews with working professionals, like me, who have an English degree, all with the intent of helping people with English degrees find their footing in the post-college world. I wish they had been around when I first graduated, especially given that I finished school just as the economy tanked. It all turned out okay though, as you’ll see if you check out my story.

Even though I am well into my career and doing solid work, I love following Dear English Major on social media and reading about all the different careers that English majors carve out for themselves on their site. We are truly a savvy bunch! And don’t EVER let anyone tell you that you can’t make it in this world with an English degree. We are everywhere!

Know a soon-to-be grad with an English degree or someone who is from the English or writing background in search of some career inspiration? Share this link with them!

English majors unite! 🙂