Back Cover Copy Reveal

I am so excited to finally be able to share with you the back cover copy for NightWind, my upcoming publication! With my semi-official publication date set for May 24, 2019, I am really starting to see the finish line with this project!

Fly or die. Rina swallowed her doubt and toed the ledge. Winds howled in her ears. The clouds had enveloped the moon and rain whistled as it hurtled to the earth. Her eyes closed, full darkness descending like a curtain, her lungs filling with icy air and the tang of the mountain. Rina stepped off the ledge and embraced te wind.
NightWind is a mash-up of a lot of things from my life:  1. The world I built is a bit inspired by the 2016 trip I took to Japan; 2. The idea for the story itself came while I was in the middle of a reiki session with a friend; 3. I  finally created a character who is a sculptor/ceramicist. This is significant because ceramics is something that I know LOTS about after studying it for eight years while in middle and high school.

She thought of the thick clay spinning on the wheel, drenched with water as she worked. Rina, with the power to mold the earth, sighed softly as she prepared to spill blood upon its unblemished surface.

Here is the back of book copy for NightWind!

Unity. Bravery. Flight!

When Rina takes the leap of faith off of Mt. Yama, securing her place among the Aviators, she enters a complex world of loyalties. To regent. To her brothers-in-arms. And to the commander who once held her heart.

A new regent throws allegiances into chaos, leaving Rina at odds with her commander and in the arms of another man. When her lover, a powerful Mystic, is kidnapped, Rina must make a choice: remain true to the brotherhood she’s worked so hard to become a part of, or follow her heart across the continent to rescue the man who gave her the gift of flight.

Also, if you’re curious, here is the sale copy I will use in ads on Facebook and Amazon. You can also see the majority of this copy (not including the bolded text below) on the homepage of my website. This type of copy is incredibly tricky to write because it must do so many things all at once. From introducing the main character and the main point of the story, it must also draw the reader in which I like to do by creating/showcasing the dualities in my work

Oath bound. Heart broken.

Rina finds herself torn between a brotherhood she did not choose and a man she did not see coming. When Eli is kidnapped, Rina must make a choice: remain true to her fellow soldiers or follow her heart and embark on a daring rescue.

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