Publishing Update

Happy Saturday, readers! I hope you’ve had a great week and get the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely weekend!

I had another post drafted, but it seems to have disappeared out of my drafts folder! So, instead of what I had originally planned to share with you today, I thought I would give a brief publishing update on NightWind!

My intended publishing date is less than a month away now! I can’t believe it and I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. The designers are hard at work finalizing the cover and text formatting work for the project. I anticipate that I should have a final cover to share with you next week!

I expect to have the e-book available for presale within the next week or two as well. The paperback version is a little more complicated. When I published two years ago, Amazon wouldn’t let you set up your paperback for presale. So, unfortunately, when I approved the final product, it went on sale immediately, which ended up being two weeks before my intended publication date. Not a huge deal. But, I’ll just have to see how the platform has changed since my last publication. Maybe I’ll be able to set up paperbacks for presale this time. Here’s hoping!

There are some things that have changed about Amazon publishing in the past two years though. You used to use two separate platforms for publishing your e-book and your print version. Amazon has now done away with these and you do everything on KDP. I wish I had thought to look into this a bit sooner, as some research would have been helpful. But, given my personally inflicted deadline (May 24, 2019), I decided just to wing it.

Why is the deadline/publication date so important you ask? Because, I am self-publishing after all. So, it’s not as if I have a publisher breathing down my neck making demands of me. You’re right. But, Memorial Weekend is a big deal for books. EVERYONE is looking for something to read for the holiday weekend. Most people are going to the lake, the beach, the pool. Everyone (well almost everyone) is on vacation.

(It also appears that Amazon has some new tools. I was just playing around with the book giveaway tool. It looks pretty great! So, be on the lookout for a book giveaway coming your way soon!)

Last year, you may recall, I was inspired by a friend to do a free e-book weekend over the holiday. The Green Lady cracked the top 25 in two categories in the free e-books sector! And Withered World made some headway also, leaping into the top 100 in two categories. The plan for this year is to offer my two prior publications for free and then the e-book version of NightWind for a discounted rate. We’ll see how that goes as a marketing ploy. I’m hoping it will inspire a few more sales. So, heads up! If you haven’t read any of my books before, you will be able to get two of them for free and the new one for less over the holiday weekend.

Things are really coming together and I’m feeling good about finishing on time. Thanks for reading along with me as I take this writing journey. I appreciate you!

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