2020 and Beyond

Can you believe that another year is just about over? 2019 has been a crazy whirlwind of a year, but really great and beautiful in so many ways. I published a book, got married and went on a fabulous honeymoon all while living every day life, trying to keep up with my blog, family and friends, and not lose hold of my writing. I hope it’s been a fabulous year for you too! Here’s what I’m planning for 2020 – a new year AND a new DECADE!

As far as my writing goes, I’m ready to get back on track. My beautiful wedding to my amazing now husband is over and our honeymoon is behind us. I imagine that I will have an abundance of time on my hands again outside of work since the wedding planning phase of my life is now at an end. (Wedding planning was tons of fun! But, it takes up a lot of time, too 🙂 )

What will I be writing next? I’m not really sure. I had planned to dive into my Sappho story, but I’m not sure if that’s exactly the right direction for me to go next or not. When I see some of my notes and random sentence ideas, I fall in love with the concept all over again. But, I’ve also been thinking that my understanding of Sappho and the Ancient Greek period has evolved some, so I think the initial character I had imagined for my interpretation of Sappho might need to change too. This would mean that some major elements of the story would have to change and I’m not sure exactly what they would change too. But, that’s what the character development and plotting phases of a project are for, right?

I also have some little story nuggets floating around in my head too – a story that popped into my head that plays with the famous line: I’m a little bit country, she’s a little bit rock and roll. I won’t give too many details (well there aren’t a ton of details to give as there has been no world building done for this one at all yet). But, it seems like it would be an urban fantasy story with two female lead characters. I also have a character floating around in my head with a big tattoo who got the tattoo in remembrance of someone. Not sure what else is going on there yet. But, that’s okay.

Honestly, for a while after the wedding, I questioned whether I wanted to ever write a novel again. I miss writing beautiful things and playing with language, but I don’t really miss the lengthy process of creating a novel. I’m wondering if I will try to venture into short stories – or maybe just short fiction and cap things at around 50K. We’ll see. As I continue to recover from the busy fall I’ve had, perhaps I’ll feel more motivated to take the plunge into a novel again.

What are you planning for 2020? Best wishes to you in the new year!!! ❤

4 thoughts on “2020 and Beyond

  1. Hi Sara I have started following you recently as I too have just published a book due to be released in January. 2020 will be an exciting time for me but I will be setting my resolutions on world peace (and inner peace). Check out my blog on moirayeldon.com for more on that.

    I am in awe of you at being able to set up websites, social media, promote your book while planning a wedding. Well done and wishing you well for the future.


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  2. Here’s to publishing books *toast* My debut picture book comes out in April 2020, so my year will revolve around promotion. I also hope to land an agent. 20/20 vision in 2020–right? Seeing clearly?

    1. Love it! And congrats on the upcoming release!! I hope the agent search goes well. I’m thinking of trying that part of the process out myself if my next project ends up becoming a novel. Happy New Year!

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