The Many Hats of a Writer

Self publishing is a lot of work. I am writer, author, editor, marketer, design critic and publisher. I wear a ton of hats and it’s all good experience. But sometimes I am not very confident in my own decision making. It’s a business of one. Luckily I have my writers’ group and my buddy J.R. Boles to help me along and give me feedback. In spite of all the help I do have, I still don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything I want done.

I am super excited to be releasing  The Green Lady, this summer. (I hope I can count on you as some of my first readers!) But, all the prep work has eaten into my writing time. Figuring out how to find time for every part of my life is a struggle and lately, I’ve been learning how to deal with it.

The Green Lady feels like it is never finished. Right now, I’m working through the edits from my last beta reader. I hope to have those finished within the next week or so. Maybe Sunday, I’ll be able to settle down and make some serious headway. Then it’s off to my editor followed by a final read-through and then—hopefully—it will be ready to go to my digital format person and  I will have a book!

There will be pre-publishing work, a release party (because you have to celebrate your first publication). J.R. Boles and I are planning a joint author party/book signing. I’m really excited about it. I love parties and I certainly want to celebrate putting my first book out there. I hope someone likes it!

In spite of all these accomplishments, I am lamenting the fact that I have not produced any new writing this year at all yet. This is a bit of a problem for me. By last June I had produce 100,000 words (my redraft of The Green Lady and the majority of my next WIP). Right now, I have ideas stirring after my recent trip to Japan and no time for them. Plus, I have another novel just waiting around for the final 30 or so pages, after which I will begin the editing and publishing process again. I’m hopeful that I won’t need to do a full-blown rewrite on it and that after a few rounds of edits, it will be ready for publication.

If you’re curious, my second book is tentatively titled Withered World. It’s a genre-bending piece, mixing fantasy with Dystopian, plus you have my literary writing style. It’s a unique beast, I think. It’s the story of a character I dreamed up nearly 15 years ago. Back then “blood mages” were a big deal in Fantasy writing. A blood mage gets their power from torturing people or causing physical pain in some way. This is kind of my response to that. And no, she’s not a blood mage and she doesn’t torture people (that’s too gory for me). But she does have to cause destruction to have power to draw from. I like the quirks I’ve added. I don’t want to give too much away, but when I write the back cover copy, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

All of this together unfortunately means no new writing for 2016. But I do know my next big project. It’s back to historical fiction and a story I’ve been wanting to tell since college. It’s titled Into the Sweet-Bitter Sea and takes place in Ancient Greece which will be a challenge to write. But I’ve been dying to tell this story. I wrote the prologue a few years back and then abandoned the project. It’s going to be intense. But now I’m feeling more confident. I wish I could go to Greece before writing it, but sadly politics means it’s probably not the best time to be going there. Onward towards 2017!

Balancing writing and work is so hard. I really wish I had the freedom to write full time; but that’s the dream we all share, isn’t it? Alas, it is not to be at this point in time. No matter what, writing has a place in my life and I will march on trying to find ways to fit it in whenever I can. I’m sure you feel the same way about your own writing. Do you self-publish? How do you balance your life as a writer and your full-time job? Tips are welcome!

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    1. Right now, I’m planning on going through KDP and CreateSpace. Though, I have hired an outside person to do my cover design and my typesetting.

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