A Taste of Shakespeare

Hello, Readers! I’m sorry for my unanticipated absence the past couple of weeks. I have had some major life changes which were a bit overwhelming and all-consuming. But hopefully I can get back to writing soon.

I always try to find different ways to make literature a part of my life. We are lucky in the lives and times we live that we can do this in so many ways beyond books! I love books, of course. But different mediums allow you to share literature with others and experience it in new ways.

This week, I’m excited to talk about something going on in Kansas City this summer! Starting June 6, you will be able to see Shakespeare’s First Folio on display at the Central Library in downtown Kansas City. I love museums and exhibits. But an exhibit dedicated to a book is top notch for me.

Regardless whether your a book nerd or not, this is a huge deal! The Folios are hundreds of years old, having been printed in 1623. Being in Kansas City, I feel very lucky that we have this opportunity. KC is a smaller city if you’re thinking on the scale of NYC or Chicago. I am super excited to go see it and plan on doing so as part of my birthday celebration. Kudos to the Kansas City Library for winning the bid! Is it coincidence that we get the manuscript during my birthday month? I think not!

The series is being put on by the Kansas City Public Library and is titled “Show Me Shakespeare 2016.” The “Show Me” is part of the title because Missouri is the “Show Me” State, in case you didn’t know.

There are lots of programs and events happening around the display of the book: lots of expert talks, interactive events and other things. I can’t wait to go! One of my former college professors is giving a talk this May in anticipation of the event. She was a great Shakespeare professor and I know her talk will be fantastic.

Shakespeare has such a huge influence on language, culture and storytelling, even 400 years after his death! So it’s clear why we are celebrating his work and his existence. Reading his work, I am always struck by the beauty of the language and the hilarious barbs. It’s only fitting that we celebrate his existence in such a way.

Kansas City always does Shakespeare right. There’s Shakespeare in the Park which is part of the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival. They’re doing Twelfth Night this year. I’ve always meant to get out there and watch a show. Unfortunately, I haven’t ever made that happen. Hopefully this will be my year!

I love how easy it can be to make literature a part of your life, if that is your desire. Kansas City always delivers. What sort of literary events are happening in your hometowns?

Photo Credit: William Shakespeare Photo: ALAMY