2019 Writing Intentions

Well, it’s *almost* another new year. Can you believe how fast 2018 went? I felt like I accomplished a lot and went through several life changes. Even so, I managed to complete the draft of another novel and keep up with my blogging.

Here are my writing intentions for 2019!

Although I’ll be busy planning a wedding for next fall and working full-time, I’m still expecting to make progress with my writing this coming year. My list is short, but the items are quite large and will require plenty of time and dedication.

  1. Blog once a week – I’ve been really good about this for the last few years. Sometimes things come up and I miss a week. But, overall, I think I post here pretty consistently. I hope to be able to keep that up in 2019! My blog is closing in on 4,000 followers. I hope to cross that milestone sometime in 2019.
  2. Publish NightWind My tentative publication date is May 24, 2019. This shouldn’t be a problem. My draft is with my final beta reader and then I’ll hand the book off to my editor (my mother, who is a fantastic editor and who will edit for free!). Then, it’ll be time for design and formatting. By February, I should have cash again so I can pay the designer and formatter, so that should work out nicely.
  3. Complete a new draft – My plan is to work on my beloved Sappho novel and finally write the thing that’s been swirling in my head for the last decade. Recently I’ve been having book dreams and have a new idea circulating up there, too. But, I’ve been researching and I have two songs that are sort of anthems for the Sappho novel and the plan is to move forward with it!

I hate winter. But, the transition to the new year is a great time for me to reevaluate and dig deep for motivation. I am hopeful for a beautiful 2019 and I wish you all the best in this grand new year!

What are your writing plans for the year? Please feel free to share in the comments.

6 thoughts on “2019 Writing Intentions

  1. To find something to do with it… my next step. Next awakenings shall determine the next steps… “Amanecera y veremos”…

  2. I’ve never, ever felt so “finished”. Actually, I’ve graduated last November and believe me, it has not been easy for me. It’s been a whole process to deliver myself into newly-born ways of tackling topics; of trying to cope own experiences to my surroundings, and to make myself understandable -which fortunately, I’ve done so far- that even though it might seem kind of common and an-everyday-thing, I can say that I made it. I’ve Graduated; from FIU. I’m 41. Done.

    1. Congratulations on graduating!! This is a major accomplishment and life change. I wish you the best of luck in 2019 and beyond!

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