Poetry Challenge Recap – Week 3

Have you ever noticed that when something isn’t going well in some part of your life that it affects your writing? Or maybe even decimate it? Why is that? I’ve had a few tough days recently (everything is fine) but, it definitely has affected my desire and my ability to write creatively at home!

Despite all of that, the poetry challenge is still going, though a bit slower and less productive than I had hoped. But, that doesn’t mean I should give up! With Valentine’s Day in the rear view mirror, I did have some fun writing some love poems. I wrote the first poem in the below slider as a surprise for my husband and gave it to him with a few of our wedding photos. All images were printed by Mixtiles (not an ad. I paid for the product). I was really impressed by the quality of the images too!

Below are the successes of my poetry writing for weeks 2 and 3 of my tiny poem writing challenge. I hope you enjoy them!

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In other news, I did follow through and create a public Writer vs World instagram account to post my poetry and other writings. You might see some repeats at first, but I’ll be producing new content as soon as I get back on track with the poetry thing 🙂 You can find me at @writervsworld.

Hope you’re having a great February and that your writing is coming easily to you!